prospect park brooklyn

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prospect park brooklyn, originally uploaded by Daniel A. Norman.

A selective color photo of Prospect Park in Flatbush Brooklyn.

© 2007 Daniel A. Norman |

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Brooklyn College

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Brooklyn College, originally uploaded by Daniel A. Norman.

Brooklyn College

© 2007 Daniel A. Norman |

Tornado in Kensington Brooklyn, New York

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Tornado in Kensington Brooklyn, New York

Willoughby Street. Brooklyn, New York.

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Street Photography taken on Willoughby Street, Downtown Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn Photography – scaffolding

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Brooklyn Photography – scaffolding on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

© 2007 Daniel A. Norman |

Washington Square Hotel, Manhattan, New York

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Washington Square Hotel, Manhattan, New York

A photographer is capturing a lady getting into a cab in front of the Washington Square Hotel in the Village, New York City.

© 2007 Daniel A. Norman |

Marine Petting Dog

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Marine Petting Dog, originally uploaded by Daniel A. Norman.

Marine Petting Dog (bw) in front of Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, NYC.

© 2007 Daniel A. Norman |